local utilities, services & licensing

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(Just in case you haven’t bought a home to connect any utilities to yet.)

City of Seattle Utilities:  www.seattle.gov

City of Seattle Combined Utilities: www.seattle.gov/utilities; 206-684-3000; includes:

Water, Sewer, Garbage, Recycling, Yardwaste and Seattle City Light (Electric)

Gas: Puget Sound Energy; www.pse.com; 888-225-5773

Side Sewer Maps City of Seattle: www.seattle.gov/dpd/onlineservices

Zoning Maps City of Seattle: www.seattle.gov/dpd/onlineservices

Pet Licenses King County:  www.kingcounty.gov/safety/regional/animalservices/license

Pet Licenses City of Seattle: www.seattle.gov/animalshelters/licenses

Seattle Pet Licensing: 2061 15th Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119; 206-386-4262

Seattle Department of Transportation (Parking Permits) http://www.seattle.gov/transportation/parking/  206-684-5086


Bellevue Utilities: www.cibellevue.wa.us; 425-452-6973

Electric/Gas:  Puget Sound Energy; www.pse.com; 1-888-225-5773

Water/Sewer: www.cibellevue.wa.us/utilities; 425-452-4187

Garbage/Recycling/Yard Waste: Allied (Rabanco); www.rabanco.com; 425-452-4762


Kirkland Utilities: City of Kirkland Utility Department 425-587-3000

Electric/Gas:  Puget Sound Energy; www.pse.com; 1-888-225-5773

Water/Sewer: www.kirklandwa.gov

Garbage/Recycling/Yardwaste: www.wastemanagement.com; 800-592-9995


Redmond Utilities: www.redmond.gov; 425-556-2152

Electric/Gas:  Puget Sound Energy; www.pse.com; 1-888-225-5773

Water/Sewer: UtilityBilling@redmond.gov; 425-556-2152

Gargage/Recycling/Yardwaste: www.wastemanagement.com; 800-592-9995


Mercer Island Utilities: www.mercergov.org; 206-275-7783

Electric/Gas:  Puget Sound Energy; www.pse.com; 1-888-225-5773

Water/Sewer: www.mercergov.org; 206-275-7783

Garbage/Recycling/Yardwaste: Allied Waste (Rabanco); www.rabanco.com; 425-452-4762


Shoreline Utilities: www.cityofshoreline.com; 206-801-2700

Electric: Seattle City Light; 206-684-300

Gas: Puget Sound Energy; www.pse.com; 888-225-5773

Water (west of I-5): Seattle Public Utilities; 206-684-3000

Water (east of I-5) Shoreline Water District; 206-362-8100

Sewer: Ronald Wastewater District: 206-546-2494



Comcast; www.comcast.com; 877-824-2288

Frontier Communications; www.frontier.com; 877-462-8188 (Kirkland)

Broadstripe Cable http://www.broadstripe.com/ 866-928-3123



Centurylink http://www.centurylink.com/ 800-244-1111



Department of Licensing (drivers license, car tabs) http://www.dol.wa.gov/

King County Voter Registration http://www.kingcounty.gov/elections/registration.aspx

Post Office General Information Page http://www.usps.com/